One of the most exciting developments in the firefighting industry is here. Vector™ answers the call as the first North American-style fully electric fire truck that’s innovatively engineered so firefighters can drive and pump on electric power only. Energized with proven global technology and customizable to meet your department’s needs. Zero emissions. Zero greenhouse gas. Reduced noise pollution and quieter on scene. Vector is taking firefighting to an extraordinary new level.


The Journey Begins

Vector is the first North American-style fully electric fire truck. We worked with Emergency One in creating this electric truck to look and feel like a fire truck, responding to customer demand for cleaner technology and lower carbon footprint. Learn how the Vector process began in this video.

Proven Partners

REV Fire Group worked with technology partner Emergency One Group LTD in creating Vector, the first North American fully electric fire truck. This new electric fire truck packs 316 kW of proven automotive-grade batteries to deliver the longest electric pumping duration in the industry. Learn more about our partnership in this video.

The Drive

In this video, REV Fire Group’s Director of Product Development Roger Lackore and Emergency One Group’s Production Director Chester Smith take Vector on a drive through Scotland, showcasing its many benefits for the fire service, including a quiet ride, greater acceleration and zero emissions.

The Road to Success

In this video, engineers guide us on a tour inside Vector, demonstrating how this North American style fully electric fire truck operates – from batteries to the inverters to the motor and pump, along with the optional range extender. Learn more in this video.




Fully Electric Drive and Pump Operations

  • Performs 100% of fire ground duties, 100% electrical.
  • Delivers unrivaled performance, range and efficiency.
  • Electric motor takes the place of the diesel engine, driving the pump or the rear axle in normal split shaft operation.
  • Designed with the same components that are used on diesel-driven fire apparatus.
  • NFPA/ULC compliant completely from battery power.

Most Powerful, Longest-Lasting Battery Performance

  • Two to six times more battery power.
  • High capacity batteries provide 316 kWh of total storage.
  • 700-800 volt DC.
  • Allows for the longest electrical pump duration.
  • 12-volt down converter runs normal 12-volt accessories.
  • EV-Battery Management System (BMS) ensures the batteries are always charged.
  • 120-volt line voltage option.

Optional Range Extender Engine

  • Not used while pumping.
  • Not required for typical urban operation.
  • Automatically engages and recharges batteries if lower limit of state of charge is reached.
  • Capable of maintaining a constant state of charge during pump operations.
  • 120 kW on-board charge capacity
  • Compact and delivers the cleanest possible emissions.
  • EPA Compliant

AXIS Telematics

  • Reports published through AXIS on Vector Operations.
    • Pack voltage
    • Min/max cell voltage
    • Min/max cell temperature
    • State of charge
    • State of health
  • System utilization data.
    • Total number of charge cycles
    • Total energy (kWh)

Customized to Department Requirements

  • Flexible North American cab, body and pump house customization.
  • Custom body configurations.
  • Up to 1250 GPM (4739 LPM) pump capacity with NFPA/ULC all-electric certification.
  • 1500 GPM (5680 LPM) or higher certification with range extender operation.
  • Water/foam tank options:
    • 530 gal. (2000 L)
    • 780 gal. (2950 L)
    • 1030 gal. (3900 L)

Locally Stocked Components

  • Critical Vector parts will be stocked by REV Parts including:
    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Control Modules
  • Batteries will be stocked in North America.


Ferrara Turnkey Charging Consultant

Our experienced consultants will help you plan your EV infrastructure and installation from start to finish – from site verification and feasibility through permitting and city approvals, installation, and all the necessary steps in between.

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