Extreme environments demand an extreme fire chassis that is capable of taking the fight anywhere. Ferrara’s Inferno, Igniter and Ultra chassis, equipped with a front driving axle, are designed for operation in even the most difficult terrains. Engineered for greater stability and superior handling, the all-wheel drive chassis will take your fire fighters to destinations impossible to reach by other fire chassis. Available in 4×4 or 6×6 configurations and designed for use in all types of Ferrara vehicles: Pumpers, Tankers, Heavy Rescues, Aerial Ladders and Aerial Platforms.


Proven, patented and tested front-wheel drive technology

Lockable inter-axle differential

Standard ABS brakes and automatic slack adjusters

Optional central tire inflate/deflate system available

Up to a 42 degree cramp angle to the left or right

Front drive axle ratings up to 20,000 pounds are available


Maintaining our reputation as the number one custom fire manufacturer means that we have to constantly listen to our customers’ needs. One of the things we’re constantly asked to do is provide a rear mount aerial apparatus to meet a very low station height. We deliver here, with a full line of low profile aerials, both ladders and platforms. From our compact, maneuverable 57’ two-section ladder to our 100’ rear mount platform, we likely have a design to meet your specifications. Our low-profile aerials are available in our HD-57, HD-77, SHD-100, LP-102, HD-107 and HD-127 aerial ladders and HD-85 or HD-100 rear mount platforms.


Overall height, HD-57 rear mount ladder: As low as 10’8″

Overall height, HD-77 rear mount ladder: As low as 10’10”

Overall height, LP-102 rear mount ladder: As low as 10’10”

Overall height, HD-107 rear mount ladder: As low as 11’4″

Overall height, HD-100 rear mount platform: As low as 11’6″


Designing and building a custom fire chassis that works as well in a congested city as it does off road fighting a wildfire is no small feat. Ferrara’s team of engineers have come up with the ultimate in Urban-Wildland Interface vehicles, the Inferno and Igniter Urban-Wildland Interface chassis. Built on a super-compact wheelbase, as short as 159”, this truck can seat a crew of six, pump up to 2000 GPM and carry a 500 gallon water tank.


With its 159” wheelbase on an SMFD cab, the Interface chassis turns on a dime

Ferrara’s custom extruded aluminum design fits an enclosed ladder tunnel inside the body

Carry an on-board foam injection system and a foam cell integral with the water tank
Inferno and Igniter cabs are crash tested to 66,000 pounds

59” wheelbase with SFD cab

168” wheelbase with MFD cab

All wheel drive capability

Pump and roll availability