Chassis: Inferno 600 hp
Body: Extruded Aluminum
Compartments: Driver side full height compartments, 12” deep over wheels; 26” deep behind wheels
Right side LDH hose bed
Pump: US Fire Pump 5500 gpm High Velocity Pump (HVP) in cast iron, cast bronze or stainless steel construction with pressurized lubrication system
Tank Size: 300 gallon foam tank
Foam System: FoamPro AccuMax 3300 series multi-point direct injection system
Ladder and Reach: 4-section heavy duty mid-mount aerial
100’ vertical reach at 72° and 94’ horizontal reach at 0°
Rated Load Capacity: 5000 GPM waterway
Nozzle: Williams Ranger 3 Plus, Elkhart Magnum or Akron Renegade
Warranty: Cab structural and body structural is 10 year or 100,000 miles