Chassis: Cinder and Igniter up to 450hp
Inferno up to 600hp
Ultra up to 500hp
Body: Extruded aluminum – available with quint or pumper body styles
Compartments: Quint 1: Left side full height x 24” deep; Right side full height w/EZ-Stack hose bed
Quint 2: Left and right side full height 24” deep lower/12” deep upper w/hose chutes
MVP Rescue Ladder: 6 compts left, 4 compts right plus EZ-Stack hose bed
Truck: Left and right side full height, 24” deep lower/transverse upper ahead of aerial
Ladder Storage: 150’ to 156’ ground ladders enclosed in full length torque box
Pump: Up to 3000 gpm pump
Tank Size: Up to 750 gallons on single axle or 1000 gallons on tandem
Ladder and Reach: 2-section heavy duty rear mount aerial with - 8° to +72° operational envelope
Over 180° rotation at - 8°
57’ vertical reach at 72° and 52’ horizontal reach at 0°
34’ vertical and 42’ horizontal reach at 30°
Rated Load Capacity: 500 pounds flowing 1250 GPM
Up to 1250 pounds distributed + 500 pounds at the tip while flowing 1250 GPM
No restrictions on aerial or monitor movement or placement while flowing 1250 GPM
Warranty: 10 year cab and body structural
25 year aerial structural
10 year waterway and waterway seals
15 year torque box & stabilizer

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