5,500 GPM from draft...10,000 GPM from presurized source

Port facilities, waterfront warehouse complexes, urban tank farms, natural disaster response, urban terrorism…just a few of the challenges you may face. When large flow requirements are demanded, the Ferrara Super Pumper rises to those challenges.

With a drafting capability of 5,500 GPM, the Super Pumper can take advantage of any open body of water providing crucial fire water support needed in critical infrastructure facilities. When municipal water supply systems fail due to natural or man-made disasters, the Super Pumper can be immediately deployed to supply multiple apparatus over long distances for any suppression task.

Augmented with mobile trailer pumps or fire boats, the Super Pumper can provide flows in excess of 10,000 GPM with deck gun flows up to 8,000 GPM giving municipal agencies maximum firefighting response.

High Velocity Pump

The Super Pumper™ is the first fire apparatus to be fitted with the new High Velocity Pump from US Fire Pump - the largest NFPA 1901 fire pump in the industry. This union delivers pump performance that is unheard of for any industrial pumper. While using standard 600 HP engine power, the HVP fire pump allows the Super Pumper™ to achieve greater performance through higher pump efficiency.