To help celebrate 150 years of service, FDNY selected Ferrara Fire Apparatus to decorate one of their Ferrara aerial ladders to use as a show piece throughout 2015. The truck was taken out of service in New York City and brought to the Ferrara factory where it received a new paint job and an elegant graphics package.

Deviating from the normal red and white cab and standard FDNY graphics, this special edition truck features a beautiful metallic silver cab top, silver leaf stripping and lettering, and a blue silhouette with white stars of the New York City skyline representing the five boroughs.

“It is an honor and a privilege to present one of our aerial ladders as the center piece to commemorate FDNY’s 150th anniversary,” said President/CEO Chris Ferrara.

Before assuming the role as the FDNY 150th Anniversary Truck, this truck was Ladder 24. It served in Division 1 and shared its quarters with Engine 1 located at 142 West 31 ST and is near Madison Square Garden. In 3 years of service, Ladder 24 made over 9000 responses.

The FDNY 100’ aerial ladders are built on the Ferrara Ultra custom chassis with a 3CR12 stainless steel split cab and feature a heavy duty stainless steel body, a quick 4-section 100’ rear mount ladder, and an 8kW hydraulic generator.