Ferrara Fire Apparatus has continued to make crew safety a primary area of focus and have recently partnered with IMMI to develop the CAP+ Second Generation Airbag System.

CAP+ is designed to protect firefighters in the most common type of accident – a head-on crash. When the CAP+ sensor detects a frontal crash, it sends a signal to initiate three events that provide protection for the driver and first officer.

During the development of CAP+, IMMI engineers acquired data through static and dynamic testing at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE). This vehicle specific data guided their design of a system that helps protect firefighters through the placement of airbags in optimized locations within the cab.


Seat belts tighten around the driver and/or first officer to position them securely in their seats.
The suspension seats are pulled to their lowest position to increase survivable space in the cab.
The system deploys steering wheel airbag and a knee bolster protecting the legs of the first officer.

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