Smart Wheel Steering

Making it easier for drivers to focus on the road while maintaining control of vehicle functions, the Smart Wheel Steering system is the complete solution. It conveniently groups certain functions on each side of the steering wheel at the driver' s finger tips. This allows the driver to perform vehicle tasks without ever having to remove his hands.

Smart Wheel

Low Cab Step Height

With all of the hazards already on scene, getting in and out of the vehicle should not be one of them. Ferrara's low cab step is evenly placed, properly illuminated, and made from non-slip tread plate or raised surface, non-slip, polished stainless steel.  Ferrara offers cab steps as low as 19” from the ground.  And best of all, the steps are fixed.  Why settle for expensive to maintain and unreliable air or electric actuated steps?

4200 Square Inch Windshield

Ferrara's custom cab has one of the largest windshields in the industry. This maximizes the distance objects can be seen in front of the vehicle and reduces blind spots.


Run Flat Band

In case a tire deflates during operation, the run flat band keeps the tire from flailing and coming off the wheel. This helps provide wheel integrity and control while the vehicle is in motion preventing serious damage and injury.


Ferrara apparatus rear tires can be supplied with Goodyear's DuraSeal option.  The DuraSeal option is a self sealing feature for punctures up to a 1/4" on the tread surface of the tires.  This option can prevent out of service time from road debris at accident scenes or other foreign objects encountered while on the road.