65,979 lbs Vertical Loading

As experience has shown, there is no telling when your fire apparatus will be put through the ultimate test. Ferrara has made piece of mind a little easier to reach with the strength and durability of our extruded fire bodies and heavy duty custom chassis. Learn More...

Vertical Loading

Non-Slip Extruded Step Areas

During operations, firefighters will have to repeatidly climb on top of their apparatus. Ferrara has made this simple, but dangerous task easier with non-slip extruded steps. These steps are stratigically placed and are ideal for wet environments.

Non Slip Step

Angled Front Adjustable Shelves

Equipment accesibility is crutial in the sucess of an operations. With angled front adjustable shelves, Ferrara takes storage compartments to the next level. These shelves slide out and lean at an angle to safely make all equipment available.

Angled Shelves

Vertical LED Lighting

Compartment lighting is an extremely effective way of avoiding unecessary injury while in low-illuminated environments. Firefighters will have good visibility and be able to safely deploy and retrieve equipment from vehicle compartments during operations.

Vertical LED Lighting