Maintaining our reputation as the number one custom fire manufacturer means that we have to constantly listen to our customers’ needs. One of the things we’re constantly asked to do is provide a rear mount aerial apparatus to meet a very low station height. We deliver here, with a full line of low profile aerials, both ladders and platforms. 

From our compact, maneuverable 57’ two-section ladder to our 100’ rear mount platform, we likely have a design to meet your specifications.  Our low-profile aerials are available in our HD-57, HD-77, SHD-100, LP-102, HD-107 and HD-127 aerial ladders and HD-85 or HD-100 rear mount platforms.

Don’t Compromise Just Because You Need A Low Profile Aerial

  • Maintain a tip load of 500 pounds on all HD series ladders (or 1500 pound with the SHD-100)

  • Maintain a waterway capacity of 1250 GPM (1500 GPM with the SHD-100)

  • All regular aerial ladder and platform options are available on a low profile chassis

Ferrara Low Profile Aerial Chassis Quick Shots

  Overall height, HD-57 rear mount ladder: As low as 10'8"
  Overall height, HD-77 rear mount ladder: As low as 10'10"
  Overall height, LP-102 rear mount ladder: As low as 10'10"
  Overall height, HD-107 rear mount ladder: As low as 11'4"
  Overall height, HD-100 rear mount platform: As low as 11'6"

Visit the apparatus section to learn more about Ferrara aerial ladders and aerial platforms.
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