Extreme environments demand an Extreme Duty fire chassis. Ferrara’s Inferno XD and Igniter, equipped with a front driving axle, are designed for operation in even the most difficult terrains.

Engineered for greater stability and superior handling, the Inferno XD and Igniter will take your fire fighters to destinations impossible to reach by other fire chassis.  Available in 4x4 or 6x6 configurations and designed for use in all types of Ferrara vehicles: Pumpers, Tankers, Heavy Rescues, Aerial Ladders and Aerial Platforms.

Proven & Dependable
• Designed for use in all types of off-road vehicles, including military, forestry and construction vehicles.
• Proven, patented and tested front-wheel drive technology.
• Lockable inter-axle differential.
• Standard ABS brakes and automatic slack adjusters.
• Optional central tire inflate/deflate system available.
• Up to a 42 degree cramp angle to the left or right
• Front drive axle ratings up to 20,000 pounds are available.

Safety & Ergonomics
• No drop-frame rail modifications required to accommodate pump mounting or body compartment configurations.
• Unprecedented 21” ground-to-bottom of cab dimension maintains an excellent angle of approach.
• Low step height means easy cab entry/egress
• Enclosed cab steps or optional Barrier Style cab doors.
• Low-rise engine tunnel keeps the cab clean and clear


Ferrara All Wheel Drive Chassis Quick Shots

Cab step height: As low as 21" without under-cab step
Front driver axle specs: Marmon Harrington MT-22 with 20,000 lb capacity
Chassis vocation application: Pumper, Tanker, Heavy Rescue, Aerial
All Wheel Drive Brochure
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