Ferrara Fire apparatus Training

Service and maintenance training is offered her

There is no tuition for classes. You are responsible for transportation to and from Holden, lodging and evening meals. Ferrara will provide the instructors, class room materials breakfast and lunch each day.  However, the EVT Certification Commission does charge a fee for their exams. This must be paid in the timeline established by EVTCC, well in advance of the attendee beginning class should you wish to take EVT exams. For complete details, visit www.evtcc.org.  While anyone may attend the classes, only those who meet the criteria established by the EVTCC and has registered for the exams with EVTCC will be allowed to take the certification exams. Links to the EVTCC program guide and registration form are listed below.

EVTCC Program Guide
EVTCC Exam Registration Form

The test dates are open to anyone who has taken classes that week, along with anyone who may need to test for recertification or who simply wishes to attempt the test without first taking the course.

Exams will be administered per EVTCC rules, which require a proctor separate from personnel who have taught classes leading up to the exam.

For specific questions regarding training, or to inquire about our regional aerial service and maintenance training program, please contact Robin Hurst at 800-443-9006 or RobinH@FerraraFire.com

All classes begin at 8:00 am.

Class Schedule

Register For A Class

Sep 16-18, 2014 EVT F6 Allison transmission class
Sep 19, 2014 EVT F6 Test


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