October 30, 2002

Spirit Of Louisiana Fire Trucks Unveiled

HOLDEN, LA - Chris Ferrara, President and CEO of Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. in Holden announced that the next two trucks in the Spirit of Louisiana Bucks For Fire Trucks program have been completed and are being unveiled at the Louisiana State Capitol today.

"It is a very proud moment for the people of Louisiana, that the first Spirit of Louisiana fire truck was delivered before Christmas last year and the second and third trucks will be delivered before Thanksgiving this year" said Chris Ferrara. "The dedication of Ferrara workmen, the generosity of our Louisiana vendors and the open hearts and spirits of Louisiana's citizens have enabled us to build these two state of the art Special Services vehicles designed specifically to the exacting specifications of the City of New York Fire Department."

As Ferrara explained, one unit is a Decontamination or "Decon Unit" which is a first responder vehicle for terrorist and hazardous material situations. The second unit is a Recovery unit with high capacity air conditioning and heating so firefighters can recover from smoke and heat at a fire location. This unit also offers limited medical attention.

The unveiling will be this afternoon, Wednesday October 30th, at 2:30 p.m. by Governor M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr. at the Louisiana State Capitol. Immediately following the unveiling, the two trucks will leave for a two-week tour of the state. As Mr. Ferrara stated "This fire truck tour is a thank you to the Louisiana schools, churches, senior citizens groups, clubs, civic organizations, firefighters and individuals who all participated in fundraisers to collect the money to build the Spirit of Louisiana fire trucks. Now the second and third Spirit of Louisiana fire trucks are complete and ready to deliver to the City of New York Fire Department."

The tour schedule is as follows: October 31st & November 1st Alexandria; November 4th & 5th Monroe; November 6th & 7th Shreveport; November 8th & 9th Lake Charles; November 11th & 12th Lafayette; November 13th & 14th the New Orleans area and November 15th & 16th Baton Rouge. The week of November 18th is the Send Off to the City of New York Fire Department from Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. in Holden.

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fire and rescue apparatus. Located in Holden, Louisiana and founded by Chris Ferrara in 1982, Ferrara builds a complete line of fire apparatus including Pumpers, Aerials, Rescues, Haz-mat and Quick Attack vehicles as well as Ferrara's own custom fire chassis' the Inferno and the Igniter.