MVP - Multi Vocational Pumper

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Designed with firefighter safety in mind, the MVP features extra low cab step height, frame rail height crosslays, low hose bed and lowered body height to make it easier to retrieve equipment.  And since the most important part of any pumper is the pump the MVP is rated at 2000 GPM.  With available pump and roll, the MVP will flow 80-90 GPM at 150 psi while driving at an easy 2.5 miles per hour.

The MVP is available on all of Ferrara’s custom chassis, with water tanks  up to 1000 gallons.  Ask Ferrara’s engineers to design your MVP with a cab and body that will meet your needs and easily carry all the equipment you need!  Get the MVP with either an extruded aluminum or stainless steel body, both with the heavy duty construction you expect from Ferrara.

Available in an HD-57 or HD-77 Aerial Quint. Learn more...