Skyflow SP-100 Aerial

No one understands the importance of high flow rates for major municipal and industrial fires more than Ferrara Fire Apparatus. Fighting large fires from the ground is one thing, but having an apparatus that can provide high flow rates from extended elevations can be critical and lifesaving. The SKYFLOW Super Pumper class 100’ aerial has been specifically built to serve that exact function.

With an aerial waterway configured for delivery rates of 5000 GPM or greater, the Skyflow benefits don’t stop there. Additional exposures or fire ground hazards can be suppressed with the inclusion of dual 2000 GPM rear monitors…while flowing the aerial waterway!

Accuracy in foam solution metering for such large flows is critical for both application rates and economic concerns. The Skyflow is provided with the Foam Pro AccuMax 3300 multi-point, direct injection foam system to meet those challenges while minimizing waterway restrictions common with other foam systems.

Standard aerial construction techniques will not suffice in high flow aerial applications. The Skyflow aerial structure has been engineered to combat the added stresses and reaction forces present with such incredible flow rates. Versatile, the Skyflow offers an amazing 1250 lb. dry tip load for rescue operations.

Aerial waterway piping must be designed to accommodate the larger fire loads and application rates of today’s structures and hydrocarbon storage tanks. The Skyflow is supplied from the US Fire Pump HVP pump via 8” discharge piping to the aerial swivel inlet with the aerial waterway maximized dimensionally to achieve these truly remarkable flow rates. 5000+ GPM flow rates at 100’ elevation heights with NO RESTRICTIONS on aerial position or extension presents today’s emergency response agencies a solution to challenges unimaginable in the past.