Inundator Super Pumper

With large exposure areas, oil & gas refineries and nuclear plants are under constant threat of a large fire event taking place at any time. The difference between a small fire being contained quickly or escalating into something worse can be measured simply in time, volume, and distance. Having the right fire apparatus that can deploy fast, provide maximum water flow, and have expanded reach will greatly increase the chances of a positive outcome to a minor industrial accident. Fortunately, Ferrara brings all of these performance capabilities to the table with the new Inundator Super Pumper.

The Inundator Super Pumper is the first fire apparatus to be fitted with the new High Velocity Pump from US Fire Pump. This union delivers pump performance that is unheard of for any industrial pumper.  While using standard 600 HP engine power, the HVP fire pump allows the Super Pumper to achieve greater performance through higher pump efficiency.

Being the most aggressive attack pumper ever built, the Inundator Super Pumper has been rated drafting at 5500 GPM (21000 LPM) at 150psi. When hooked up to a pressurized water source, the Super Pumper has exceeded a flow rate of 10000 GPM (38000 LPM) with water stream hitting 500ft horizontally and 400ft vertically.