Emergency Response Trailers

One of the most economical and versatile pieces of equipment available today. Emergency Response Trailers (ERT’s) have become the vehicle of choice for many different governmental, public and private agencies. ERT’s can be used for simple equipment transport and community service to full scale National Disasters command and communication centers.

Ever since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City, the horrific Hurricanes, Wild Fires from California to Florida and everything in between or just simple community events, festivals, fund raisers, charity drives, pancake breakfasts, when ever a central command location is necessary ERT’s have become the vehicle of choice. These trailers are economically sensible for the current state of economy, spend thousands not millions with the same or better results for your communities emergency response preparedness. Whether it’s a natural disaster a man made event, community or company recognition a custom designed ERT is the answer for all municipal, governmental, corporate and industrial emergency agencies applications.

Our trailers are constructed the same way we build our fire trucks with the highest quality workmanship and materials available. Engineered excellence into every one of our trailers built. All aluminum extruded bodies with full perimeter 6061 alloy .01875 thick aluminum sub-frames. All body sides and roof construction use .125 extruded aluminum tubing 16” on center, welded together by AWS QCI-96 Certified welders using 4043 Alco Tech Wire. Each trailer is designed with smooth side walls that are screw and rivet free allowing agency identification graphics and safety markings with full readability and simple application. Our all aluminum trailers are strong yet light weight will not rust or corrode. Allowing smaller less expensive tow vehicles that require no special license to drive and maintain.

Command Vehicle



Heavy Duty Walk In Trailer

Heavy Duty Walk Around Trailer

Mobile Command Centers
• Communication Systems
• Rehabilitation Center
• Government or Corporate Mobile Offices
• Bomb Squad Units
• USAR Equipment Haulers
• Hazardous Material Units
• Breathing Air and Scene Lighting
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Fire scene Investigation
• Medical Examiner Unit
• Dive Team Unit

ERT Brochure

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