Aerial Ladders

Ferrara aerial ladders with a pre-piped waterway have a minimum 500# tip load while flowing water, plus an equipment allowance for accessories. This performance level is double the minimum recommendation proposed in NFPA 1901.

There are several features that make owning a Ferrara aerial the best choice:

Aerial Ladder Features

Total Vision
Total Vision Panel

Ferrara's exciting new Total Vision panel for aerial apparatus provides critical information for both incident command and firefighters. As the aerial ladder or platform moves, its position is constantly updated and displayed on the Total Vision color LCD screen, both digitally and graphically.
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Ladder Section Lights
Turntable Control Panel

Our blue LED ladder section lights improve visibility and scene safety by illuminating your path to the building. This feature is standard on Ferrara aerial ladders and platforms. The ladder section lights are optional on other brands.

Angled Ladder Tip Egress
Turntable Control Panel

The ladder tips on all Ferrara aerial ladders have a steep angle on the fly section handrails. This design is intended to make the transition from the building to the aerial ladder easy. The angled tip also allows more space to move from a window to the ladder tip.

Another Ferrara standard is our high visibility paint color on the tip for easy location spotting. The serviceability of the ladder is improved with the bolt on tip for easy replacement should the need arise.

Turntable Control Console
Turntable Control Panel

The ladder controls are mounted street side to protect them from low hanging tree branches and permit the operator to see the pump operator position before deployment. Ladder controls are direct hydraulic for long life and easy repair as well as precise control feel.

The turntable controls can be supplemented with pump panel or remote controls. The remote option covers the water nozzle and ladder functions.

Positional Waterway System
Turntable Control Panel

Ferrara’s dual position waterway is electrically actuated from the turntable. This impressive safety feature allows the operator to switch from “Rescue Mode” (waterway monitor one section down from tip) to “Water Tower Mode” (waterway monitor at the tip) without going to the end of the ladder and move a mechanical pin or lever shift. The positional system also has indicator lights to notify the operator of a complete shift sequence, as well as a time-delay interlock to prevent ladder extension before the shift is complete. For maximum safety, the shift is inactive whenever the ladder is out of the fully retracted position.

HD - 57 Ladder
HD - 57

100,000 PSI Steel!

A compact ladder with a wheel base less than 200” and is the perfect replacement for an old teleboom. Learn More...
HD - 77 Ladder HD - 77

100,000 PSI Steel!

If you need a versatile aerial designed to perform pumper and aerial duties, the HD-77 is your best choice.Learn More...

HD - 107 Ladder HD - 107

100,000 PSI Steel!

In a truck company or quint configuration, the HD-107 exceeds traditional 100’ aerial capabilities. Learn More...
LP - 102 Ladder LP - 102

100,000 PSI Steel!

When low travel height is the critical factor, our LP-102 may be the truck that fits in your station and still has a 500# tip load while flowing 1500 GPM! Learn More...

Total Vision Also available from Ferrara:
HD - 127, HD - 100 Mid Mount, SHD - 100
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