Ferrara 85' Heavy Duty Mid-Mount Platform

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The Ferrara HD-85 mid-mount platform is designed and engineered to fit into tight spaces and older, smaller fire stations.  Extremely compact, the HD-85 can be built as low as 10’ 3” and as short as 42’ 5” with our short door Igniter cab.

The HD-85 is available in two load/flow ratings, 1000 pounds while flowing 1000 GPM or 500 pounds while flowing 1500 GPM. In either case, the dry tip load is rated at 1000 pounds.

With an operational range of –12 degrees to +72 degrees, the HD-85 platform maintains a horizontal reach of 81’ at zero degrees elevation and reaches a full vertical height of 85’ at only 72 degree angle.  Ferrara mid-mounts have outstanding stability, thanks in part to the generous 8’ overlap at each section.