Ferrara 100' Heavy Duty Rear Mount Platform

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The Ferrara HD-100 rear mount aerial platform is built from high tensile strength 100,000 psi steel and boasts an impressive dry tip load of 1250 pounds.

The HD-100 waterway is rated at 2000 GPM with a 500 pound tip load with full 180 degree horizontal nozzle sweep and 90 degree vertical nozzle travel. Monitors are available from Elkhart, Akron or TFT in single or dual configurations.

With an operational range of –12 degrees to +72 degrees, the HD-100 platform maintains a horizontal reach of 98’ at zero degrees elevation and reaches a full vertical height of 100’ at only 72 degree angle.  Ferrara rear mount aerials have outstanding stability, thanks in part to the generous 10’ overlap at each section.

The -12 degree elevation means you can place the platform directly on the ground with the ladder fully retracted, either off the left or right side of the truck or off the rear, a full 180 degree arc!