Ferrara 100' Heavy Duty Mid-Mount Platform

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Ferrara’s 100’ mid mount platforms are designed and engineered for firefighter safety, as well as operations under extreme environments. Our standard 100’ mid  mount platform models meet all the requirements of NFPA.

Ferrara’s 100’ mid mount  torque boxes are designed to accept a standard mid-ship pump. This allows departments to standardize pumps within their fleet and eliminates the need for specialty parts or unique pump designs.

The engineered strength of the aerial allows us to offer a 500 pound tip load, while flowing 1,500 GPM of water, at any angle or elevation. Not flowing water our tip load is 1,000 pounds. With an operational range of –12 degrees to +72 degrees, the 100’ platform maintains a horizontal reach of 99’ at zero degrees elevation and reaches a full vertical height of 100’ at 72 degrees.

All aerials receive independent third party non-destructive testing, which include third party flow and structural inspection.

For Quint configurations multiple pump options are available from all of the major manufacturers ranging in capacities from 1,250 GPM to 2,250 GPM.

Water tanks from 200 to 300 gallons feature lifetime warranties and can be custom designed to meet your capacity requirements.